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November 5

Thus by giving praise and thanks and making use of the opportunities, suffering is transformed into fountains of grace.
- Observance: Letter, Mother Foundress

November 6

Little souls usually employ many words to show that they are without guilt. Great souls usually say not a word to justify themselves.
- Observance: Letter, Mother Foundress

November 7

No one reaches the top rung of the ladder without beginning at the bottom and climbing one rung after the other. Do this, not just one of you but all of you, and you will see that there is no more rewarding and happier work than to purify, sanctify and ornament yourselves for God.
-Observance: Letter, Mother Foundress

November 8

Truly faithful brides of Christ are always conscious of God's eyes resting upon them and all they do is done in the presence of the almighty and all-seeing God.
- Observance: Letter from Mother Foundress

November 9

Love God with an ardent love and God will grant you an increase of graces daily which will enable you to fulfill the duties of your office for His glory.
- Letter: Mother Foundress

November 10

Let us never forget - there is no standstill in the souls' life. Therfore have at heart the progress of your own soul as well as the advancement of others.
-Letter: Mother Foundress

November 11

Mother placed emphasis on making atonement to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and on prayer and sacrifice for the dying.
- Sister Maria Teresia of St. Peter